My Salad Plate is Full, Just Like My Heart

Hello out there.  I’ve never blogged before so this is all new to me. 

 I’m a middle age mom to 3 kids. I have a 26 year old daughter living at home and currently going through delayed puberty.  I have an eleven year old son and a 10 year old daughter currently going on 40.

I am a caretaker. First for my mother from 1999 ( I start there because that’s when my father started dropping her off at my house. We all moved in  December, 2001 to provide 24/7 care.) until her death in 2009 on my son’s birthday.  My oldest daughter had been helping quite a bit with caring for her.  We were devastated when she died.  I should also mention my brother who is 3 years younger than me and mentally disabled was living in the home as well.  Of course his care fell to us, especially when my father found he enjoyed his new lifestyle. Having a wife that couldn’t ask questions and family members to assure she got the best care.  This allowed him much more time to ‘enjoy’ with his secretary who he’s been ‘seeing’ since the 70’s.

The day after my mom died he told us we needed to relocate.  I am and have been separated from my husband since 2001. I did not want to go back to him.  So there we were after 10 years of service out on the street.  We managed to buy some time. I guess he was preoccupied with his ‘November bride’.  But before a year had passed he gave us a time limit.  Never during this time did he mention his son or his dog.   After moms death we hardly saw him except for when or if he brought by food for his son. That consisted of dropping off a loaf of bread, bologna, a pack of hot dogs and a can of chilli weekly or every other week.  I contacted my other brother and we decided I should take care of my younger brother.  Through a client of my older brother, we are able to rent a  house and S (younger brother) seems much happier than he did in my dads home.

I homeschool my two youngest children and have for 6 years.  They are doing wonderfully.

I love my family. I enjoy taking care of people. 

I do not enjoy being stabbed in the back by family members.  I can’t  stand women who full well know a man is married and make themselves available to them anyway..and vise versa.

I’m blogging  for myself…as kind of a diary of day to day life.  Not too exciting but if you happen by or even enjoy reading my rants, I hope you say hello 🙂


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